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Caring for Your New Granite Countertops

Caring for Your New Granite Countertops

Caring For Your New Granite Countertops

(United Granite, and Fairfax Marble) 

Over recent years Granite has become more prevalent in homes and businesses in the form of countertops, fireplaces and tub surrounds. One of the biggest fears people have when making the investment in granite is the maintenance and care required. Man-made materials, such as quartz are no match for the aesthetic quality, richness, or performance of granite countertops. Unlike most other surfaces, granite will not dull under extreme temperatures, and your polish finish will continue to shine for years to come.


Granite countertops are just below the hardness of a diamond on the Moh scale, which measures the toughness of specific materials and minerals. Granite is near impervious to abrasions and stains, and can stand up to some of the hottest temperatures. By choosing granite you are not only getting a beautiful natural stone, but also one of the best performing materials on earth.  


Caring for your stone is an easy process. For cleaning, all you need is warm water and a Ph balanced soap. Always avoid using any products with a high dose of acidity, as this may cause discoloration or abrasion. Granite is extremely resilient to stains like coffee, tea and wine, but it is best to always clean every spill as soon as you can. While most granite countertops are resistant to all stains, oil can dull your polished finished. It is always recommended to clean any oil spills immediately.


A buildup of soap scum can accumulate on the surface of your stone, so cleaning with warm water and drying with a paper towel is the easiest remedy. If you cannot remove the buildup, a straight razor can be used to scrape the material, but again, resist the temptation to use any hard chemicals, including ammonia based products.


With a few simple steps, caring for your granite countertops is an easy process. The beauty that first attracted you to your granite will last a lifetime, and by keeping a clean surface, sealing once a year, and following a few basic steps, your stone will continue to look as good as it did the day it was installed.


As an alternative for regular sealer, we are able to apply lifetime sealer on your granite counters. Maintenance information for this sealer is different and is provided separately along with warranty information. 


Please give us a call, view our website, or stop by one of our showrooms today to speak with one of our knowledgeable designers who can help you choose a granite color that will last a lifetime.   

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Maintaining Your New Granite Countertops

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