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Nontraditional Marble Colors

Nontraditional Marble Colors

Marble Countertops in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC 

(United Granite, and Fairfax Marble) 




  Whenever someone mentions that they are looking for a new marble kitchen or bath countertop, what is the first thought that comes to mind? White marble. This combination and the seemingly endless pictures on the web, in magazines, or on TV depict a traditional white kitchen with either Carrera or Calacatta marble with varying shades of white or gray. This article will highlight some alternatives for traditional marble choices and focus on some lesser known colors and patterns.


This first stone we're going to mention is called Shell Reef Black. This marble is an amazing display of nature’s sheer forces. This piece was formed under ancient oceans and shows fossilized remains of both marine and plant life. Marble is a sedimentary rock,which means it was formed by thousands of layers of sediment, in this case, from under the ocean floor. Tiny crustaceans that form throughout years of fossilization have morphed into slabs of stone that can be used to create amazing spaces in our homes – a true work of nature.




  Speaking of beautiful pieces of nature – this piece is called Rainforest Green. This piece is located in our Elkridge showroom and it highlights the skill of our fabricators. This full high chiseled backsplash is a showstopper that captivates the aesthetic mind of anyone who views it.; an undeniable piece of natural beauty. This combination of dark cabinets perfectly matches the color variations in this slab.



  This last piece is called Black Fantasy marble. If you are one of the many people who confuse this piece for a work of art, you are not alone. Some see hints of a Jackson Pollock modern art painting. The amazing depth this piece contains cannot be conveyed by a picture; you must see this stone person to appreciate it in its entirety. There are many pieces located in our showroom warehouses that make you stop and wonder how such beauties could be excavated from under the earth.



  Please stop by one of our locations today whether you are looking for marble countertops in NJ, VA, or marble kitchen counter tops MD.  Come to our showrooms to view these and many more slabs so you can see firsthand how thinking outside of the traditional box may be just what you are looking for!


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