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What Determines Granite Prices

What Determines Granite Prices





            When you are shopping for granite countertops, you will notice that some of the slabs are more expensive than other. Maybe even some of the slabs with a big cost variance look very similar. Truth be told, there are many factors that go into determining what the cost of a granite slab will be. Understanding the factors that determine the cost, you will be more comfortable to make an informed decision on the granite that you choose for your countertop.





The biggest price determining factor is going to be supply and demand. Most common and easily acquired colors, such as Uba Tuba, will not have a high price point because so much is quarried. However, not everyone wants Uba Tuba. Another commonly available stone, Typhoon Bordeaux, will have a higher price because demand for that particular stone is higher. A stone like White Princess is going to have a high price point because the supply of that stone is low. But, what do most people want now-a-days? …white kitchen countertops. With the fear of staining with marble, which is most commonly white, white granite has become very high in demand.

Also, keep in mind that Granite is a natural stone and is difficult to excavate. As opposed to other options for countertops, which do not have to be excavated, and are usually shipped overseas. The difficulty that goes into obtaining this stone has an impact on the granite prices.  We import our granite from the best suppliers in the world such as MurStone in Italy. MurStone and it's quarry and manufacturing partners represent one of the world's largest resources of  marble, granite, quartz, onyx, limestone and other beautiful natural stone for interior and exterior applications. Passion for Beauty. Check it out here:






            When you look at a slab of granite, the color is going to be the first thing that you see; the rarity of that color will be what determines the price. Rarity is what creates value.  Granite may be found on over 4% of our planet’s surface, but that does not mean that all granite is going to transfer into a beautiful countertop easily. If that were the case, there would be quarries almost everywhere. There are new quarries being mined at all times. Some quarries have thick veins that will extend for miles, while others may only be a couple hundred feet if that. Some types of granite will have semi-precious stones in them such as quartz, amethyst, agate, etc. that will change the color of the piece, and ultimately the granite’s price as well. 





            A standard slab of granite will be about 5-6’ by about 9-10’. Generally they will not be taller than 6’ because they have to be able to fit into the shipping containers. Rarely will slabs be cut larger than that. These larger slabs will make it easier to create countertops with less visible seams, and just less seams in general (depending on the other factors for seam placement). When using a larger slab, however, you can sometimes expect to pay a premium charge for wastage.          





          Granite's density gives it strength and durability. Usually you will find that the higher the density of the granite, the rarer it is as well.  Sometimes there may only end up being a small pocket of dense stone.







The source or location of the quarry will always have an impact on the granite prices.


Take for instance India. There has been a government shut down on quarries in India. This shutdown has greatly affected Indian granite prices. Saudi Arabia no longer sells blocks of Tropical Brown granite. They now only sell it by the slab, which has increased the price of that particular color. 


These are some of the factors that will determine the granite prices. When you receive an estimate for your granite kitchen countertops, there will be other factors that go into that price. How much square footage is a big factor of course? Having a backsplash will increase your square footage. If you choose to have a decorative edge there are many options available in different price ranges. There will be a charge for cutouts, such as for a sink or a cooktop. If we will be removing any existing countertops, or providing any plumbing services, expect to see that on your estimate as well.


Lastly, the location of the granite fabrication shop has an effect on granite prices as well.  For instance, one of the reputaple granite fabrication shops in NJ area, All Granite and Marble Corp, has an higher labor cost than our locations in Northern Virginia. Same is the case for our Maryland locations in Elkridge and Crofton.


Please feel free to visit one of our locations to get local granite prices. Contact for your granite countertops needs in NJ, NY, and PA area. 



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