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Why Glass Backsplash Tile is a Bad Idea

Why Glass Backsplash Tile is a Bad Idea

Why Glass Backsplash Tile is a Bad Idea


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  There are many design trends floating around these days, but by far the most common trend we are seeing nowadays in kitchens is glass backsplash tiles. No matter the countertop material, color or look, glass tiles are being paired with any stone. Today, we will look at why this is such a bad idea, and why you should reconsider before it’s too late!


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When a particular product pops up and floods a market it is usually known as a trend. What are some popular trends out there today? Clothes, shoes, music, foods? What do all of those have in common that, say, a kitchen backsplash or any building material does not have? The answer—ease of change. When a certain look goes out of style what do you do with a pair of jeans or pair of shoes? You donate them or you store them in the back of a closet! The difference with a building material and why a trend should not be too heavily considered, ease of change. Once a busy or loud or whatever adjective you choose to call a glass backsplash tile is placed, it is nearly impossible to easily change. Do not get overly confused – a solid color glass backsplash slab can be a perfect complement to your new kitchen countertop material. We are referring to the more common, and trendy, glass tiles. 


  There are still some folks who recommend choosing a backsplash as the first step in kitchen remodeling. This can be one of the worst mistakes you can make. Without first choosing a countertop material, which happens to be the focal point of any beautiful kitchen, and then choose coordinating cabinets. Any kind of backsplash you commit to will severely limit the choices you for a countertop. A simple, understated backsplash can be the piece that ties a whole new kitchen together, but do not limit yourself by choosing a backsplash first.


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What are some choices that we recommend if glass tiles are so trendy? Without a doubt any styles you choose, you have to on your own. If your style is more modern and trendy then you can still choose a traditional style but put your mark on them and maybe add clean lines to give a modern feel. Our personal style is something that is timeless and elegant, but that does not mean you have to limit yourself. The design is highly subjective, but whenever using a building material be wary of any trends – you might be stuck with it for a while! 


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