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Quartzite Countertops

Quartzite Countertops

Quartzite Countertops

(United Granite MD, and Fairfax Marble) 

What is Quartzite?


Quartzite is a metamorphic stone meaning it is altered by another stone (sandstone in this case) from extreme temperatures and pressure over many years. Often there is some confusion between Quartzite and Quartz. Quartzite is a natural stone whereas quartz is the general name for manmade stones such as Silestone, and Camrbia because they are primarily manufactured from quartz stone.

Quartzite is a very hard material, even harder than granite in some cases. Most quartzite has the look of marble but is much more durable. Although, in some cases, quartzite can have a tendency to etch in the same way that marble does. 



White Macubas Quartzite VA


Super White Quartzite VA



Super White Quartzite VA 2


Super White Quartzite VA 3


Brown Fantasy Quartzite VA


Alba Chiera Quartzite VA


Perla Venato Quartzite VA


Sky Blue Quartzite VA


Sequa Brown Quartzite VA


Sea Pearl Quartzite VA


Nakarado Quartzite VA



Mother of Pearl Quartzite VA


Milano Leather Quartzite VA


Leonardi Luce Quartzite VA


Aquarelle Qaurtzite VA


Nuega Macha Quartzite VA


Golden Macubas Quartzite VA


Azul Macubas Quartzite VA


Golden Zeller Quartzite VA



Sensation Quartzite VA


Bianco Quarzo Quartzite VA



Monta Bella Quartzite VA



Fantasy Green Quartzite VA


Ferrograma Cream Quartzite VA






White Arabesque Quartzite VA


Taj Mahal Quartzite VA


Is Quartzite, being a hard stone, as durable as granite?


This answer varies for certain types of quartzite. Some quartzite is extremely hard and will not scratch or etch, whereas others will. For example, the quartzite Da Vinci will not etch, however, Super White will etch and scratch easily. You may find some articles online that will state that quartzite is a hard stone that will not scratch or etch. Those articles are written from a scientific approach, and not an industry standpoint. From an industry standpoint, once polished, cut and installed in your home for everyday use as a countertop, certain variations of quartzite will have the tendency to scratch and/or etch. The best way to determine how the stone will hold up is to take a sample of the stone and do your own test of the stone with different liquids to see how the stone will react.  Etching is a common issue with quartzite, so it is best to know the facts about the stone and how it will hold up before making any final decisions. Don’t let the fact that the stone might or will etch deter you if you love the piece. Going with a honed (matte) finish as opposed to a polished finish will solve most of the problem because a honed finish will not show etches nearly as much as a polished version. Over time the stone can still show signs of etching, but with a honed finish they will not be as noticeable, and will be repaired much easier than on a polished finish.  


What if you love the polished look for your quartzite countertops?


Well then, you love it, and there is not much to be done. You will have to make the decision on how much you like the stone and how careful you will be able to protect it.


Will it be prevented if I seal the stone often?


It may help, but only a little. Not many sealers protect the stone from staining and have almost no effect on etching or scratching­. At one point, there were studies to create a thin layer on the top of the stone to prevent liquids from penetrating it, but they did not see much success. Over time the layer just yellowed or did not do what it was intended to on certain stones at all.


Another option is to apply a wax on the stone, especially around the sink area every so often. We recommend applying a certain wax called “Bowling Alley wax”. Again, this will not solve the staining, etching, or scratching problem completely, but it will certainly help.


If you have had quartzite countertops for some time and begin to see an area where there are scratches, there are stone restoration companies that can help to remove them. However, keep in mind that scratching may repeat if certain liquids are in direct contact with the stone.




How does the price compare to granite?


Our granite has price points beginning from “A” through “F”, “EX” for exotic stones, and “RE” for rare exotic stones. Level “A” is the lowest price point and increases as you go alphabetically. Quartzite begins at level “F” and increases from there. There is more variety in price for granite, and quartzite will generally cost more than granite.


We have the best Quartzite countertop selection and expertise in the area. Stop one of our showrooms to speak to a professional before making your decision on a new Quartzite Countertop.


Below you can see some of our selection, but this is definitely not our entire stock. We have plenty more in stock for you to look at! 


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