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Granite Countertops VA

Granite Countertops VA

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Exotic Granite Countertops in MD and in VA 

(United Granite MD, and Fairfax Marble) 

The stone that you install as your kitchen counter will define the look of the entire room, and an exotic stone is a wonderful option to choose from. Exotic stones are renowned for their elegance and vividness; they create an extraordinary appeal and can offer you the look that you've been desiring. When you choose an exotic stone for your countertop, you can be sure that you will have a unique look to your space. No two slabs are exactly the same, and that is absolutely the case with exotic stones because the characteristics of each slab can vary greatly due to their high mineral content.







La Dolce Vita Marble VA



Lemurion Blue Granite VA



Sun Gavino Marble VA


Jade Onyx VA


Blue Strike VA


Baricato Granite VA 


Capolovara Granite VA


Atlantis Granite VA




Atlantis Granite VA


Golden Fire Granite VA 


Green Onyx VA


Bamboo Green Granite VA


Bamboo Onyx VA


Fire Fusion Granite VA


Fussion Original Granite VA


Black Morgan Granite VA


Dora Glassia Granite VA


Verde Borgonia Granite VA


Verde Karzai Granite VA


Magma Gold Granite VA



Mari Blue Granite VA


Verde Karzai Granite VA


Calacatta Valentina Marble VA


Stonewood Sandstone VA


Cippolini Fantastico Marble VA 




The color variation is determined by the percentage of each mineral that is found within the stone. There are crystals in granite that provide a variety of colors. Feldspar provides a pink or red color, mica provides a dark brown or black color, quartz provides a clear pink, white or black, and amphibole provides a black color. The different minerals that are found in granite are also what create the beautiful patterns and veining found on a slab. Other minerals which also may be found in exotic stones are muscovite and biotite micas, pyroxene, sohene, tourmaline, apatite, beryl, topaz, zircons, augite, cordierite, fayalite, titanite, and occasionally and possibly rare earth oxides. 


The cooling rate also has an impact on the stone. The cooling process of the stone will take longer depending on how deep underground the granite was formed. The longer this process takes, the larger crystals are formed, and a lighter color of granite will be created. The more superficial the stone is, the faster it will cool, and it will generally have a darker color.


Just as what makes up the contents of the stone can deem it exotic, the same is true for where it is found. The quality selection coming from Brazil has gained a dominant position with suppliers and in the market as a whole. ONE of the most exotic and unique granites (in my personal opinion) is called Fusion and is excavated from Brazil.


Take a look at just a handful of our exotic granite collection, and stop by one of our showrooms in Virginia or Maryland to browse our entire selection. Our current granite slab yards include Northern Virginia Locations Chantilly VA, Fairfax VA, Sterling VA. Maryland Locations (serving Baltimore, Bethesda, Annapolis area) Elkridge MD, Crofton MD



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